Is Street Team Marketing Right for you?

Street Teams can be an excellent way to cross promote your event, product or service.  Depending on your desired footprint, it can also be an affordable way to raise awareness with a very specific target audience.

Pomme recently organized a series of street team appearances for the Cincinnati Mudathlon race leading up to the event on August 1.  We targeted a number of similar adventure and obstacle races for our street teams to visit and hand out information to participants, and worked with local brand partners on in-store promotions.

There are many options when it comes to executing a street team. If you're considering adding this tactic to your marketing plan,  ask yourself these questions: 

1) Who am I targeting? And how much of that audience will b in attendance? Not only will you need to prepare enough materials, but you'll need to consider your team resources and timing in your planning.

2) What is my message? Now is the time to get specific. Tailor your call to action to the desired audience. Be sure your team is also prepared with talking points in case there are any questions 

Remember, a street team doesn't have to be huge to be effective. Don't limit yourself to festivals, either! Get creative!