Twitter Timeline Changes

What's happening:

Like Facebook, Twitter is rumored to be providing users with a curated timeline of what its algorithm deems most interesting or engaging content. Currently, Twitter serves up content chronologically, as tweets are posted. This change has the potential to hinder the visibility of brand posts (which many have experienced when Facebook made a similar change earlier this year.)

What this means for brands:

Organic reach for brands on Twitter is going to reach a new low. Similar to what brands have experienced on Facebook, the likelihood of a follower encountering your brand's posts will decrease without the support of promoted posts. 

What you can do

For the moment, there's nothing to worry about, as this change hasn't officially rolled out. In advance of this, begin formulating a plan for promoted posts. Ask yourself what content is worth promoting and to who. Play with the advertising feature to familiarize yourself so you feel comfortable with it. 

Social advertising, while targeted, can sometimes be a moving target. A knowledge of the platform and your audience will help your brand overcome some of the hurdles hidden within the changing landscape of social media algorithms.