What does your PR plan look like for 2016?

Congratulations, you've survived another year and lived to tell the tale. While settling in for a long winter's nap sounds tempting, there's much to be done in advance of 2016.  Communications strategy is ever-evolving and your plans should follow suit.  Your audience isn't the same year after year, so why should your message always be the same? 

If you're of the mindset that public relations is only reserved for consumer-facing businesses, think again! Planning is as valuable to B2B organizations as it is B2C. Thought leadership work and industry-relevant media relations are  extremely meaningful ways to demonstrate expertise and leverage during new business calls. Trade shows are also great opportunities to grow your network and possibly land new clients- if executed properly.

Meanwhile, B2C marketers face increased pressure to distribute messages via a dizzying number of mediums.

How will you keep it all straight?  Let Pomme help you put together a plan that's relevant to your goals and audiences and will help you start 2016 with a bang!