4 PR Musts for 2015

Given the New Year is only a few short days away, we’re hoping you’re ready to tackle 2015 with some amazing vigor. We wanted to provide you with some additional tips to consider including as you put the finishing touches on your marketing plans for the next year:

  1. Turn your best customers into outspoken advocates.

Stop beating your chest and talking about yourself- it’s way more effective to allow a third party to do the talking for you!

Encourage engagement with one another and develop a “tribe” and provide them with the tools necessary to make your word-of-mouth marketing easy.

2. Make a content calendar (and stick to it!)

Content generation is quickly becoming a full time job given to someone in the organization who probably already has a full time job doing something else. Frontload your heavy lifting and develop a calendar of what you want to talk about throughout the year and when.

Don’t be afraid to tap new resources within your organization (or an outside one...like us!) for some fresh perspective. Talk to clients about their biggest concerns in your industry and leverage that to showcase your awareness and knowledge.

3. Evaluate how you’re communicating with customers

It’s time to take an inventory. Chances are, you might not need all of the touchpoints you currently are using - or on the flip side, you may not have enough.

Count how many ways you’re communicating with your customers and evaluate the efficacy of each medium. You might even find some time by decreasing frequency of less effective tactics.

4. Define your 2015 message

If you haven’t already- think quick! What’s your communication focus in 2015 and how is it contributing to your overall growth strategy?

Think about how this message will be conveyed through your associates and arm them accordingly. Most importantly, will your customers have an understanding of what you’re trying to say

Of course these pointers merely skim the surface of what we’re sure is already a lengthy marketing to-do list for the year.

Want the nitty-gritty lowdown dirt on how to turn these steps into actionable plans? Give us a call!