Welcome to Pomme


We won’t do this often because at our core, our work is all about you, the client. However, this being our first big splash onto the scene, we feel it necessary to pound our collective chests, King Kong style, just a little. We promise to keep it short and sweet, and then we’ll get right back to creating amazing messaging for your brand.

What is Pomme?

Pomme is French for apple.

Apples are versatile, yet familiar. They make a great canvas whether in cooking or art, just as we’ll make a great canvas for your brand’s message.

Are we French?

No. We’re as American as apple pie.  But we adore the complexity of the French language, and besides, the other apple was taken.

Sure, we could have named this agency a last name, but that lacks the creative finesse we’re all about.

Aside from the obvious excitement of the name, we bring many years of award-winning public relations campaign development and execution and are ready to help you achieve your communications goals.

We’re excited to breathe new life into the Greater Cincinnati marketing community and can’t wait to bring our experience working with local and national brands to help you produce the best results yet.