Startup PR Checklist (Part 1)

So you’ve just launched a new business, service offering or product. Congratulations! As you’re probably familiar, you’re in for a roller coaster of emotions, all of which are exhausting, but nothing in comparison to the rewards of your anticipated success.

How do you connect point A to point B? Your communications strategy.

A dynamic public relations plan and brand messaging would serve as the framework for all messaging indicated in the steps below.  In this two part series, we’ll be providing you with the things you need to be thinking about as part of your marketing foundation:

Part I, Hanging out your Shingle

The essentials:

1) A website address with a legitimate domain. If/ when your opening announcement hits the news, you’ll want to direct them somewhere for additional information. A website looks more credible than just a Facebook page, and you can organize content more effectively.

If you have an existing company and are developing a new brand or product, consider whether or not this should live online under your brand’s main page, or it’s own domain. There are justifications for each, depending on your situation.

2) Develop a social presence. Get a few graphics together and start inviting friends, family and customers to like your page. The sooner you can get this up and running, the better.

This will give people a space to connect with your brand and learn more. Start by asking your close family/friends to like your page. This is the space where you can share your brand’s personality - use it to your advantage!  

3) Information, Information, Information!

Create an easily digestible background story. Simply describe your process, service offering or new product. Give the people what they want! People will not buy what they don’t understand, and it’s your job to communicate this to them. This could be in collateral form or digitally produced- you’ll have to decide what vehicle is best for your target audience.

4) Define your audience

Presumably, you already have some idea of who you’re speaking to when you first embarked on your epic journey of creating a new product/service. Otherwise, you wouldn’t know if there is an actual need for the niche you’re carving out. Take each audience and build them out. The more you can speak like your target, the more you will resonate with them.

Hint: If the ‘general public’ is one of your audiences, you’re going to need some assistance.

We recognize that some of these steps are quite comprehensive in nature, so we’ll give you some time to work on them and digest before moving on.

Hang on tight.  We’ll be back with part 2 shortly...

Need more help? Contact us and we’d be happy to help you with any of the components and developing a full plan to suit your needs.